Saturday, April 17, 2010


bale-jibreel iz written by DR MOHAMMAD ALLAMA IQBAL

akal gu astaan se dor nahi
is ki takdir me hazur nahi
ilm me bhi saror hy lekin
ye wo jannat hy jis me hur nah

people have different meaning from the same context. in my view the above poems means: God said: the world is compatible with you. i said no. then he said make it compatible with you.

here Iqbal want to say that people should do the best to change the environment . Environment should not change them.if the environment is different make the environment into your desire.

Tere sheshea main mai bakee nahi
Bata kiya too mera saki nahi
Samandar se mile piyase ko shabnam
Bakhili hai koyi razaki nahi.

jis ki shakhen hon hamari aabyaari se buland.... Kon kar sakta hai us nakhl-e-kuhan ko sar nigoon?
Unite Pakistan through education...reminding people of the reason of their exisitance...through removing corruption...through the thousands of commonalities & common goals we share...through looking beyond the war that is being waged on us through media & the people who want 2 weaken Pakistan, & realizing that with a weak Pakistan...all of itsinhabitants would stand nowhere...& by first of all removing all negative notions that r present in our minds regarding our homeland...cause its the most beautiful piece of Earth that God has gifted to us...its our home...but we haven't kept it we have to do it cause nobody else is gonna come & do it...but u guys already knew that didn't then why blame others...we r all equal partners in just start by doing something apart from complaining...or just shut up!
This is the way the world ends....... This is the way the world ends........ Not with a bang but a whimper!!!


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  2. Mohammed Mohsin ijaz thanks you so much , very good work. Can you please translate the whole of the song Baale Jibrael . by the greatest Philosopher of his times Mohammed Iqbal. His poems are so meaningful practical uplifting and universal and timeless ageless. He was a lawyer , a philosopher and poet well versed in so many different languages. Oh If only such a DNA with a soul to be seen these days , would'nt it be so so nice.